Recommended Plans & Pricing

Plan 1 - Weekly Consultation
$225 per hour
Roadmap Development
General Digital Marketing
Rate Per Hour
Plan 2 - Dedicated Resource
$4k - 15k per week/month
Detailed Process Analysis
Roadmap Ownership
Manage Platform & Technologies
Review Team Capabilities
Execute Small To Large Projects
Min 20hrs - Max 30hrs a week
Plan 3 - Pay To Play
Min 3k % of Monthly Gross Sales
Roadmap Ownership
Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution
P&L Management
Base Fee: Monthly Avg. Gross Revenue x .01%.
+ % of New Earned Gross Sales

Some Notes

My recommendations are based on fundamental needs asked by the majority of clients. These recommendations are in no way meant to decide for you but hopefully will help steer our conversations so that you get the most value for your money.

The hours & costs provided are estimates. These factors are driven by the complexity of your business, the size of the organization and the resources available for any project. As we define your needs, the hours/costs can go up or down but my goal in any engagement is to save your business money and time.


Technology Digital Marketing Strategy & Process
Platforms SEO Product Management
New Product Features Paid Search Strategy Organizational Challenges
Workflows Display Advertising Roadmap P&L
Staffing Email Marketing Content Creation