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Digital Media Executive

Digital Media executive with 20+ years of experience in all areas of growing successful businesses. I have on-hand experience in product management, digital marketing, mobile UX, iOS, Android, SaaS platforms, video platforms, content management systems, content creation/distribution, community platforms, subscription services, e-commerce, search, SEO/SEM, digital design and information architecture.

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Digital Media

Digital Media

I can help you with any interim Digital Team Services, Growth & Organizational Transformation, Content Production and Entertainment Strategy.

Omni-Channel / Cross-Channel

Omni-Channel / Cross-Channel

Own a retail store? Then we need to discuss your cross-channel strategy and how to win against the ever-evolving customer experiences.



Building new features? Looking at organizational changes? Do you have concerns about your long-term business strategy? I can help guide you through these treacherous waters!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing spending will reach $83 billion in 2017 and will only continue its double digit growth. Have you thought about how these expenses will impact your P&L? I've been through it, let me help you.


Trina Turk
Mr Turk
TV4 Entertainment


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Oct 2013 - Current

VP of Digital | eCommerce

Trina Turk

I am responsible: Revenue Growth, P/L, Technology, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Demandware, Order Management Systems, Teamwork Retail (POS & OMS), Email, Bronto (ESP), Digital Design, Payment Systems, Apple Pay, Technology Infrastructure & Digital Retail Strategy.

Dec 2011 - Oct 2013

Executive Digital Media Consultant

Ray Starck Consulting

Advisory & Executive role to CEO, CMO, CCO and CTO’s. Worked on M-GO (a 100MIL partnership between DreamWorks & Technicolor) on a new generation of user-friendly video experiences on TV, Media Devices, Tablets, and Phones. Consulted with Television Four Entertainment on creating original content & programming for a next-generation television network. GM for MyLife, Inc: Product strategy, roadmap, and business development.

Aug 2008 - Nov 2011

Vice President Product Management

Fox Digital Media

Fox Digital Media (FDM), was a division of News Corp, where I was responsible for delivering Technical & Product leadership across all Fox Networks Group (FNG) digital assets including 30+ websites, TV-E strategy, and mobile/tablet products.

Jun 2007 - Aug 2008

General Manager

Demand Media

Multiple Hats: GM for soyouwanna.com Product Lead for eHow.com, Airliners.net, and oversaw the migration of Expertvillage.com into eHow.com. I lead the incredible rise of eHow.com in the Demand Media portfolio.

Oct 2004 - Jun 2007

Sr. Product Leader

Yahoo! Media Group

Led the integration of Search (VESPA) and Community throughout the Yahoo! Media Group including management of global development teams; responsible for over 10 major product launches. As a consultant until Jan 2005: Prototyping & front-end JAVA developer of Overture’s new B2B subscription product (DTC) application known as PANAMA. I also lead a QA team and corporate marketing initiatives.

Dec 1996 - Jan 2005

Internet Consultant

Ray Starck Consulting

Founded and built Web Paradox/Ray Starck Consulting to provide product strategy, web & application development, subscription products, GUI design, product and project management, IA and QA (Quality Assurance services); some major clients included Verizon, US Navy, Overture/Yahoo!, and Scantron Corporation, Millennium Traders, American Online, Realage.com, Edupoint.com, Balthaser.com, and Macromedia.

Board Member

Jan 2002

Advisory Board Member

Graphic Communications

I participate on the Digital Communication & Design Board of Directors which helps define the course curriculum, technologies, platforms and direction of digital technologies. Attends strategy board meetings twice a year to discuss various digital topics, and our focus is on helping students succeed in the digital world.


Feb 2016

US Patent: US 2016/0050212 Al

Method and Apparatus For Assigning Devices to a Media Service

A user interface is used to assign different devices and device types to media services where the number of different devices and device types that are capable of being assigned is deter­mined by access privilege information corresponding to such media services. When a number of devices of a specific type are assigned where such a number exceeds a limit specified in the access privilege information, the assignment of additional devices of that specific type is halted.

Dec 2000

Web Developer Certification

Cal State University of San Marcos

California State University San Marcos is a public comprehensive university in San Marcos, California, United States, and one of the 23 campuses of the California State University system.


1996 - 1997

Business Administration

Point Loma Nazarene College

Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) is a Christian liberal arts college. Its main campus is located on the Point Loma oceanfront in San Diego, California.

1993 - 1996

Graphic Communications & Graphic Design

Palomar Community College

Palomar College is a community college with one campus and six education sites in San Diego County, California, United States.

Organizational Skills

Digital Media Management

eCommerce Strategy

Product Management

Workflow & Processes

Content Development

Platform Migration

Digital Marketing

User Experience

Web Design

Paid Search


Affiliate Programs

eMail Strategy

Social Media


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Get in Touch

Get in Touch

For business inquiries or new client requests that require a more personal response, I will make every attempt to respond within 72 hours.   All current customers please contact me directly.

Pasadena, USA
Message Service: 310.663.0296
Availability: CLOSED

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A Dollar Saved Today, Won't Grow Your Business Tomorrow

Recommended Plans & Pricing

Plan 1 - Weekly Consultation
$225 per hour
Roadmap Development
General Digital Marketing
Rate Per Hour
Plan 2 - Dedicated Resource
$4k - 15k per month
Detailed Process Analysis
Roadmap Ownership
Manage Platform & Technologies
Review Team Capabilities
Execute Small To Large Projects
Min 20hrs - Max 30hrs a week
Plan 3 - Pay To Play
Min 3k % of Monthly Gross Sales
Roadmap Ownership
Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution
P&L Management
Base Fee: Monthly Avg. Gross Revenue x .01%.
+ % of New Earned Gross Sales

Some Notes

My recommendations are based on fundamental needs asked by the majority of clients. These recommendations are in no way meant to decide for you but hopefully will help steer our conversations so that you get the most value for your money.

The hours & costs provided are estimates. These factors are driven by the complexity of your business, the size of the organization and the resources available for any project. As we define your needs, the hours/costs can go up or down but my goal in any engagement is to save your business money and time.


Technology Digital Marketing Strategy & Process
Platforms SEO Product Management
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